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Quilt pattern: Grandmother’s Fan

Dry Clean Only


Patchwork quilted top with 3/4 length sleeves. 



Made from a 1930s-1940s era quilt top. The quilt pattern is called "Grandmother's Fan" and is made up of small slivers of fabric, many of which are probably from feedsack material. The piping details on the cuffs and collar are from vintage dressmaker scraps.



100% Cotton


Body: Vintage “cutter” quilt. A cutter quilt is a quilt which has suffered significant damage and can no longer be used for it’s intended purpose.


Details: Dressmaker scraps


All items in the Studio Shop are one of a kind with a focus on using deadstock, upcycled, secondhand, and other sustainable materials.

Patchwork Quilted Top

  • Wash on gentle cycle in cold water and lay flat to dry. As with all vintage quilts, it's important to be very gently with the fabric when it is wet, as it the quilting makes it heavy and more fragile.

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