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This quilt is made from bits and pieces of all sorts of fabrics, from vintage kimonos to curtains. I started working on this piece a few days after the 2016 election and used this quilt to work through my distress and grief. It started as a black and white only design, but I soon added the "pink disrupter" as I needed to believe that women would be there to stand in the way of the hate, racism, and idiocy that was coming. The back has a silver lining, as I continue to hold onto that hope.



Machine and hand quilted



Prepared for hanging with 2" cloth hanging sleeve on the back


All items in the Studio Collection are one of a kind with a focus on using deadstock, found, reclaimed, and other sustainable materials.

The Pink Disruptor - 75.5"W x 75.5"H

  • Dry clean only.

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