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Short sleeved indigo denim and cotton canvas patchwork jacket. This jacket is loosely based on a style made popular by Issey Miyake in the 80s and the construction is very low waste.



To make the fabric for this jacket, patches of denim and canvas were stitched to a backing of heavy-weight linen. While this is a quilted jacket, there are only two layers, the top patchwork and the backing. There is no batting (or puff) layer.



Exterior: Denim patches - upcycled cotton denim and canvas (post-consumer waste)

Lining: Linen yardage - secondhand


All items in the Studio Shop are one of a kind with a focus on using deadstock, upcycled, secondhand, and other sustainable materials.

Quilted Denim Patchwork Swing Jacket

SKU: 3
  • Wash on gentle cycle in cold water and dry on low heat. Each wash will add to the fraying quality of the edges, just like an excellent pair of cut off jean shorts.

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